Johne’s Disease Research Consortium (JDRC) and Johne’s Advisory Group (JAG)


JDRC was a joint venture between Industry and the Science community that ran from 2008-2016 to coordinate Johne’s disease research in New Zealand.

The consortium’s research programme focused on issues “behind the farm gate” and its goal was to develop practical and cost effective tools which could be used to reduce the prevalence of Johne’s disease in herds or flocks in New Zealand. That goal was largely achieved with guidelines for the control of Johne’s disease developed by JDRC for sheep, dairy cattle, beef cattle and dairy replacements. Resources for deer are available from Johne’s Management Limited.

Results from the research programme have been archived here .

JDRC is survived by the Johne’s Advisory Group (JAG) – an advisory body for industry to facilitate information and technology transfer to industry and provide ongoing collaboration and coordination across the sectors for the control and management of Johne’s disease in New Zealand. JAG is supported by Beef+Lamb New Zealand, DairyNZ and Deer Industry New Zealand.