Alongside the R&D programme the JDRC investigates topics of interest to ensure New Zealand had a thorough understanding of the disease in its New Zealand context.         

A number of reviews were commissioned by the JDRC including:

  • a review of the Prevalence of JD in New Zealand
  • an assessment of vaccination as a control tool; and
  • the observations of lesions at slaughter as a surveillance tool.

JDRC also ran workshops to upskill industry and producers. Information given at these forums is reproduced below.

JDRC reviews



  • An Assessment of Vaccination as a Control Tool for the Management of Johne’s Disease in New Zealand. Terry Ryan, Ryan Analysis Limited, April 2015. Download here and here.
  • The Prevalence of Johne’s disease in New Zealand. A review of our current understanding. Mark Bryan and Keryn Cresswell. August 2011. Download here.
  • Review of “Test and Cull” as a Management Procedure for the Control of Johne’s Disease.  Kaylene Larking, September 2010. Download here.
  • Johne’s disease and lesions - An information paper regarding the value of using the identification of lesion’s at slaughter for Johne’s disease surveillance. Kaylene Larking, September 2015. Download here.

 JDRC 2012 Workshop

JDRC 2016 Workshop